Frequently Asked Questions

1. Please sign up for
2. Select the voice you want and write the content in that language.
3. Press the conversion button to generate voice
4. Press download button to download your voice MP3 file

✔️Free users are only available for free voices, and free letters are charged every day. Membership users can generate all voice actors' voices.

All voices serviced are commercially available only for membership members.

If you made it with a commercially available membership, you can use it permanently even if you cancel the regular payment.

After log in, the upper right corner. Please press the stop regular payment button directly in the [ID] - [My Info]- [Billing Information].

Yes. it's possible. Multiple people can connect and work at the same time.

In case of chrome : Browser, upper right corner [...] → [settings] → left menu [Advanced] → [Downloads] → [Change]

In case of Edge : Browser, upper right corner [...] → [settings] → [Downloads] → [Change]

Please indicate the source of the voice file generated by free voice as follows. (Only Free user)
[Source: This voice was made by wemakevoice]

However, there is no need to indicate the source of files made by membership.

Please check the Pricing Plan menu.

You need to save it to your personal PC by clicking the mp3 down button. We does not save the converted file.

No. You cannot convert multiple voices at once. But you can make multiple voice files into one using other file merging services.
[File merging services]

Only a few voices are available.

Check the expected number of characters to convert, including the test, and select the appropriate plan.

When you press [generate voice] balance characters will be deducted.

[영수증 확인] Please check your paypal account

You just complete the use and cancel membership service, the payment will no longer be made.

Yes. It's possible

No. You can't.

We work best with Chrome browsers. Please use Chrome browser.

TTS(Text To Speech) is the technique of converting characters into speech. When text is entered, find the voice pieces which is recorded from a voice actor's voice in advance and generate it to voice file. The trend continues to evolve to use deep learning technology to represent the natural human voice.

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